Braces and Invisalign

Orthodontics is the alignment of your teeth.

How Would I Benefit From Orthodontics

Aesthetics is often a recognized benefit of orthodontics – whether it is cosmetics or creates improved self esteem for the patient. But better alignment of your teeth also promotes improved ability to clean your teeth, improved function of the teeth and better alignment of the jaw to lessen stresses to the dentition and joints of the jaw.

Types Of Orthodontics

Orthodontics can include:

  • the use of brackets glued to the patient’s teeth,
  • Invisalign (clear trays to align your teeth),
  • interceptive treatment often in younger childhood that can lessen the severity of correction otherwise required in older childhood and adulthood.

Starting Treatment

Orthodontic assessments are required prior to initiation of orthodontics.  This includes a visual assessment, X-rays and photos so that a proper assessment / calculations can be done to initiate the case and evaluate the progression of the treatment.

For many of our patients, our dentists assess especially our younger patients as they mature so that ideal timing can be recommended. We are at times also referred patients to our clinic by their regular dentist and / or friends and welcome the opportunity to assist in their orthodontic needs.

We recognize as general dentists who have taken continuing education courses in orthodontics, some cases will be beyond our comfort level and referring to an orthodontist could be our recommendation. We work closely with several orthodontists in Edmonton area.

Progression Of Treatment

Orthodontic treatment could take a year or several years and requires good compliance to the dentist’s instructions.

We encourage patients and parents of patients to recognize this before starting treatment. We will support our patients in the progression of treatment, the necessary dental cleanings required during treatment and the required retention or securing of the alignments subsequent to the active orthodontic treatment.

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