Laser Dentistry

At Van Berkel & Associates, the latest in dental laser technology can be used by the dentists and hygienists to aid in your dental treatment!

What Are Lasers?

Lasers are an activation device which can:

  • cut tooth, bone, or soft tissue by stimulating molecules in the medium that breaks up the hard or soft tissue as an alternative way of cutting.
  • replace the dental drill often producing less trauma to the tissue.
  • with soft tissue, it will cauterize tissue to enhance healing.
  • neutralize the initiating virus of a cold sore because it operates “below the surface” if caught at the right time.

Hygienist’s Use of Lasers

Our dental hygienists can use lasers to:

  • help soft tissue heal better.
  • reduce bacterial contamination of periodontal pockets to produce better outcomes for patients with periodontal disease.
  • lasers are used with “in office” whitening procedures to produce faster results.