Seniors Dental Care

As we age, our dental needs change. Serious diseases, complex medications and decreasing mobility can cause deterioration of our dental health. We are here to help guide you or your loved one through these changes in oral health. While we always strive to maintain natural dentition, we also provide partial and complete dentures, as well as implant solutions for lost teeth.

Maintaining Your Dental Health

Aging can produce a variety of challenges to your oral health.  That doesn’t mean you have to lose teeth as you age!

With proper care and a focus on prevention, you can maintain your own teeth for a lifetime. Thorough cleanings, crowns, and bridges can be used to help achieve a comfortable natural detention.  Preventive strategies focusing on better oral hygiene can make a big difference for our aging patients.

Medical Conditions

Multiple medical conditions can impact your dental care.

Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, strokes, lung disease, and others can cause deterioration of your dentition.

Multiple medications can also affect your dental care, please be sure to bring an updated list of medications to your appointment.

We provide full mouth assessments for patients who need to undergo orthopedic or cardiac surgeries.


  • The office is accessible by wheelchair through the south door.  
  • Wheelchair accessible ramp to treatment areas.  
  • We try our best to accommodate patients with limited mobility.